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Years of recycling means that we have built up a hefty salvage yard full of rusty gold for you to rummage through!  From stone to home fixtures and fittings.  Or even just the weird and the wonderful.  ​We have it all.

You may have seen us on BBC1's Flipping Profit just recently?  And Melissa has also been one of the dealers on The Bidding Room on BBC1 for  2 years, which is airing NOW!    You can also follow Melissa on our TikTok channel where she posts up her finds and news.  Follow @Melissa.Drabble.  Our reclaim and salvage yard is forever getting bigger and more exciting. 

We have a dedicated website for all our reclaim at

Don't forget, our yard is open to the public and you can pay a visit to us anytime! Please see our opening times on the 'Contact' page for more details.

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